Solarsh Hotel Chain

Spiritual experience and perfect accommodation

In a calm, serene area, close to the holy tziun in Uman, are the Solarsh hotels. The flag hotel – the splendid Uman Inn, the Uman Suites Hotel, and the 148 Hotel – which offers luxury apartments for families and groups. The group offers luxurious, big and air conditioned rooms, for singles, couples, families and large groups.

The Solarsh Hotel group has a very good reputation for many years, for hospitality that offers accommodation of the highest order, and provides a unique and rare experience: Being close to the great spiritual center, royal hospitality, and wonderful Kosher Mehadrin chef meals, as the kitchens are all run by professional cooks with an experienced local team.

The founder of the hotel chain is R' Nachum Solarsh, one of the prominent Breslov figures in Uman, who has been working for over 20 years for the benifit of the thousands of Jews who come to the Tziun, and was instrumental in the building of the Uman Kloiz - a mission given to him by the Tzadik Rabbi Michel Dorfman ZTZ"L.

Out of a sense of duty and true Chasidic feeling, R' Nachum Solarsh purchased land in the area near the Tziun, and built comfortable accomodation, which assists the guests to focus on prayers and the purpose for which they came to Uman, while enjoying quality accommodation.

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