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Royal hospitality and delicious chef's meals

Hotels in Uman

Our main hotel for a royal vacation in a magical environment. Uman inn is recommended for your next stay in Uman

Do you want a royal vacation in a magical environment? uman suites is the best choice for you

Hotel 148 – another jewel in the Solarsh hotel chain, offers gourmet meals amd the services of the mikveh at place.

A grand hall for celebrations and events in Uman Up to 350 spaces for weddings, bar mitzvahs, Conferences and group events.

Everything is included in the price and the standard is above expectations

Chef meals

Refreshments all day

Security 24/7

Private mikveh

Close to the Tziun

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Guests of Solarsh highly recommend:

"We went with a group of 150 people to Kivrei Tzadikim in Ukraine. The Solarsh service is above and beyond imagination. Rich and plentiful chef meals, clean and heated rooms. And above all – a spiritual atmosphere, that fills the soul and the heart". – Yitzchak Blecherovich, New York
"One thing is hospitality everywhere, and another thing is a Solarsh hospitality. With Rebbetzin Ahuva, the Shabbos has another taste. We enjoyed every minute. And too bad that it's over. We would have stayed all year in Uman-Inn. There is nothing like the warm and home-like environment. A special thanks to the Solarsh team". – Rivky Heiselman, Bnei Brak
"I give a five-star rating, for thinking of every detail, even the smallest things, the scented soaps, the pampering shampoo, and the Shabbos candles that we could light in our room warmed our hearts. Well done for perfect hospitality". – Riky Dushinsky, Beitar Illit

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