Gourmet meals and Seudas

with phenomenal flavors

Want to enjoy the best and excellent food in Uman? Want to celebrate easily and effortlessly?

Solarsh hotel chain in Uman, which is well known for the gourmet menus and the great Jewish food, in a variety of styles, flavors and origins – is opening the kitchen especially for you and offers an array of menus for events, Shabboses and Chagim, that you can adjust exactly as you want.

Dozens of fresh and colorful salads, variety of entrees, side dishes, meat, chicken, types of fish and special dishes. Sweet WInnese bar for every event. rich tables and menus that will be suit any budget and every event. Solarsh catering – the perfect solution for phenomenal food with high Mehadrin class, anywhere in Uman.

Order today – for groups, events and Shabbos.

We welcome you to celebrate with a spiritual experience, in the new and luxurious Event Hall in Uman

Wedding > Bar Mitzva > Sheva Brachot > Brit Milah > Gatherings up to 350 people

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Kosher Mehadrin

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